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The Back to Classes with Jesus program connects compassionate churches and groups with less fortunate children in Honduras. For only $7 a piece groups can give Honduran Children a backpack filled with school supplies providing the minimum requirement needed to attend.

In Honduras children start school in February.
Please help us reach 40,000 children in 250 cities across Honduras in 2018 in the 7th annual Back to Classes with Jesus program!

In 2017 Partners of Back to Classes with Jesus partners reached 30,000 children in 200 cities across Honduras.

An estimated 500,000 children hold jobs – about 15% of the youth population, nearly all working children earn less than the legal minimum wage of $380 a month according to the National Institute of Statistics as published by the New York Times.

That same $380 could provide 54 children the necessary supplies to attend school. $450 covers the costs of an entire Back to Classes with Jesus crusade with 200 children. Includes transportation, activities, lunch, Kid’s Crusade, piñatas & more — So $1,850 would sponsor the entire event with 200 children Including 200 backpacks filled with school supplies!
Back to Classes with Jesus crusades are at local churches. Leaders organize events and disciple children that give their heart to Jesus.

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